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Woody's Smoke Shack | Kate Christensen

Woody's Smoke Shack | Kate Christensen

8.5 x 11 | materials/digital kits cardstock (Wild Blueberry Ink (Wanderlust, Basic Spots)) + patterned paper (Wild Blueberry Ink (Love Story)) + elements (Wild Blueberry Ink (Love Story)) + splatter (Gennifer Bursett (Toolbox: Mists V. 7)) + alpha (Wild Blueberry Ink (Iced Cookie Alphabet)) + template (Wild Blueberry Ink (Photo Clusters)) + fonts (KD Everyday, Traveling Typewriter)

A Note from Kate
I used the Kuler app to select a color palette from the top photo, but I thought the colors it chose were too dark for the layout I had in mind. I was able to tweak the colors a bit until I had a more muted, softer palette.

Out to dinner the day before leaving Iowa. My very favorite thing off the menu (along with their award-winning ribs) was a fabulous summer special called Cucumbers and Onions. So yummy! We ate outside, and that's why we're all so shiny. Thank you for that, Iowa humidity!

September Fun Fact
We put in our first vegetable garden since 2006. We're finally living in a place with a growing season!