> SE7EN (July 2015)

Friends & Teammates</br><span style="font-size: 8pt;">by</span> Amy Sorensen

Friends & Teammates
by Amy Sorensen

12 x 12 | materials striped patterned paper (Pebbles, Inc) + green/blue patterned paper (Echo Park) + green alphabet stickers (Jillibean soup) + "little bits" stickers (Bella Blvd) + circle tags (Elle's studio) + tag punch (EK Success) + Century Gothic font

A Note from Amy
I counted my seven products like this:
1 alphabet sticker sheet
1 embellishment sticker sheet (where the letters for "friends" and the word strips came from)
1 patterned paper (the diagonal stripes)
3 circle tags
1 piece of twine

I didn't count the green patterned paper as a product since you have to have a background for your layout no matter what, yes? And to keep it to seven, I used the back side (which was blue) for part of my photo mat.

You’ve been friends since you were just about 18 months old. Your personalities are totally different—he’s much quieter and more shy than you are—but you nearly always get along. (Except for at Seven Peaks, when you get frustrated that he won’t go down the tall slides with you.) You go to the same school and are in the same grade and have some of the same teachers, all the way back to Miss Cathy’s preschool. You two laugh and play and connect. So when we signed you up for soccer and then we found out that Jace also wanted to play, it didn’t seem possible that you’d be on teams that would go against each other. Instead, Aunt Cindy worked her magic (she always is friends with someone!) and got you on the same team.

Orem Youth Soccer is organized by the elementary school you live closest to, and since our school (Geneva, even though you don’t go there) is on Uncle Ammen’s way home from work (facilitating the picking-up after practice), that was the team we put you two on. It wasn’t entirely perfect...none of the parents wanted to or could coach, so your coach during practices was Aaron Wood, a kid in our stake who coached your team as part of a scout project. For games, his dad Nathan coached. Not ideal—but it worked.

You loved soccer, and having Jace on your team made it even better. You were good teammates for each other, passing the ball & watching out for each other’s back. It was good to have someone to talk to after the games, especially the ones that didn’t go like you wanted them to. (There were some tough teams!) Plus, it made it much more fun to have both our family and Jace’s at your games to cheer you on. A few times we even managed to talk Dad into everyone going out to eat together after!

As I watched you and Jace play soccer together this year, I started thinking. Here you both are, nearly done with fourth grade, which means only two more years of going to school together. Once junior high starts you’ll have to split up, and I wonder what will happen—
will you stay as close as you are now? I desperately hope so, but adolescence is tough and unpredictable. Who knows what’ll happen? So I’m just so glad you two played soccer together this year and that you’ll always have that memory to go along with all the others of
you and Jace, always together.

July Fun Fact
My niece's in-laws have a peach orchard. Getting fresh peaches from them at the end of July is one of the highlights of summer!