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Technology | Cristina C. Scrap

Technology | Cristina C. Scrap

12 x 12 | materials Real Life collection bundle (Digital Design Essentials), Journal Junkie - Bright Heart, Good Harvest, Doodles-a-Fancy Borders and Blessed Beyond Belief (CD Muckosky), The Golden Friends fonts (Heather Joyce)

A Note from Cristina
The all about me page got me stumped for a bit.. but then I just rolled with it, documenting how I feel right now, and just having fun with the digital elements.

This year has been tough so far. I didn't expect it to be as good as last year, which was stellar, but I didn't expect these curve balls either.
Not giving up though. I want to become more healthy, I want to become a better person and a better businesswoman. And especially a better wife.

I am so ready to upgrade by phone.
Good thing I will inherit DH’s iPhone 4s in 2 months.
By the way, Instagram is my favorite social media.
By far.

Am thrilled to be doing so well in school on top of my 2 jobs.
I love to learn new things.
I’m not sure how I’ll feel once I get my degree and won’t be in classes anymore... but I am enjoying it while it lasts.

Trying hard to enjoy what I have. It’s so easy to get caught up in my busy life and not appreciate the good things. There are many.

April Fun Fact
Definitely looking forward to Easter candy over here! :)