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Me At This Very Moment | Amy Kingsford

Me At This Very Moment | Amy Kingsford

8.5 x 11 | materials patterned paper (Seize by Allison Pennington) + buttons (Seize by Allison Pennington) + brads (Seize by Allison Pennington) + alpha (Seize by Allison Pennington) + die cuts (Seize by Allison Pennington) + flowers (Seize by Allison Pennington) + cork (Happy Go Lucky by Allison Pennington) + other digital elements (Seize by Allison Pennington) + Template (One of Each 2 by Amy Martin) + fonts (KD Everyday)

A Note from Amy
On this layout I combined a list of things about myself with my favorite selfie and a kit that I had to have the moment I saw it. Bringing together a photo of myself that I like with a kit that I love is something that I can always count on to motivate me to scrapbook about ME.

I am a happily married, mother of two, Diet Coke addicted, dystopian novel loving, scrapbooker. I loathe grocery shopping and couldn’t live without Hulu or Netflix. I’m a below average cook and an above average seamstress who finds cleaning quite relaxing. I love good food, hate to drive and wish that I knew how to knit. My kids love my bedtime stories and my grilled cheese sandwiches and my husband says I have the voice of an angel.

April Fun Fact
We’ve been having fun over the last week getting our backyard ready for play and building a fort for our boys.