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Capable of Glistening | Amy Sorensen

Capable of Glistening | Amy Sorensen

12 x 12 | materials patterned paper (Fancy Pants) + alphabet stickers (American Crafts) + fonts (Adobe Caslon, Voluptate)

A Note from Amy
When I printed out this photo, I had every intention to write about our adventures at Chileno Bay in Mexico (we wandered over some rocks onto a pristine and deserted stretch of beautiful beach). I really meant for it to be about an outdoor adventure! But when I wrote the journaling, something entirely different came out, mostly prompted by the quote I used for the title. (It's from David Levithan's book Every Day .)

One day on our trip, someone mentioned tuna fish and that sparked a conversation about you and Madi, and how much you used to play together at our house when you were little. “I loved it when you’d make us buttery noodles for lunch,” Madi said, “but sometimes you’d make tuna fish sandwiches, and I tried to be polite but I hate tuna!”

"Oh, me too!” you agreed. “What was with all that tuna, Mom?”

It made me remember, with a swift and intense ache, how cute you two cousins were as little girls, playing Barbies and baby dolls and dress up. But it also made me excited, since now we’re getting to see the amazing women you are both growing into. I hope you both continue down adventurous paths, but I also hope you remember where you’ve been and who’s walked with you.

July Fun Fact
This month, my husband and I are hiking Half Dome in Yosemite. I couldn't be more excited!