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Go See Do | Celeste Smith

Go See Do | Celeste Smith

12 x 12 | materials kit (Great Outdoors Explore by Kristin Kronin-Barrow) + font (Rockwell)

A Note from Celeste
My boys spend a lot of time outdoors especially when we are on vacation. One of the main activities Adam is interested in is fishing especially on a boat. I was excited that my husband stopped for a minute and took a few photos. I avoid boats as I have awful motion sickness!

You were so excited when Sheri asked Daddy if he wanted to take Randy’s boat out fishing. The two of you as always didn't catch a thing, but you had fun tooling around the harbor.

July Fun Fact
Both boys are going away for the same week during July. It will be nice to have a quiet house, but after a few days I’ll surely be missing them!