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You | Lisa Dickinson

You | Lisa Dickinson

12 x 12 | materials patterned paper, tags, chipboard letters (Scenic Route) + ink (Color box) + font (Traveling Typewriter) + machine stitching

A Note From Lisa

This page was a little ode to my hubby and includes a stream-of-consciousness type journaling that compares how some of his personality traits balance out mine. The journaling reads:

the calm to my chaos
the PB to my jelly
the rational to my impulsive
the SAVE to my SPEND
the cerebral to my emotional
the safe to my reckless
the serious to my silly
the order to my mess
the practical to my half-baked
the composed to my unstrung
you are, quite simply,
my better half.

I created a matte for my photo by clustering several various shaped tags, layering a heart accent and the title over the top.