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Шальной человек вахты | Elizabeth Dillow

Шальной человек вахты | Elizabeth Dillow

12 x 12 | materials patterned paper (Cosmo Cricket, Sassafras) + transparency overlay (Art Warehouse by Creative Imaginations) + AL Modern font

A Note From Elizabeth

The title of this page, according to my handy desktop translator, means "Crazy Person of the Watch" which was close enough to "Crazy Watch Man" for me. That is exactly what I inadvertently turned my husband, Matt, into at Christmas a few years ago when I bought him a watch made of old Soviet missiles. His career field in the Air Force is missiles, so such things hold much fascination...

I just love this picture of him working on one of his watches, and thought it was high time I included something about his favorite hobby in our family scrapbooks since goodness knows, there will no question about what mine was someday : )


I've never been so excited to give you a Christmas present than the year I bought you the Russian watch you'd had your eye on for years

How was I to know I was unleashing Crazy Watch Man on the world

I give you a hard time about the 30+ watches (40+ watches?) you've collected, refurbished, and tinkered with since December 2006 but deep down I don't mind so much, because you've found a hobby you love