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Welcome, Summer | Marnie Flores

Welcome, Summer | Marnie Flores

11x8.5 | materials patterned paper (Splendid Finns, Crystal Wilkerson) + ribbon trim (Crystal Wilkerson) + fonts (Bebas, Century Gothic)

A Note from Marnie
Not only do I reach for my goto 4x6 sized photos in the summer, but I also seem to use use and reuse my favorite fonts, papers, and colors. Some might call it a rut. I call it fast!!!!!

August Fun Fact
Usually by August I am ready for summer's end. But this year, we traveled during June and July, so I am filling an entire summer in one month. I want it to go slow. For the first time ever I want August to not end for a long time. Strange and odd notion for a girl who loves school.