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In Training | Marnie Flores

In Training | Marnie Flores

8.5x11 | materials patterned paper (Splendid Finns, Taylormade) + font (Pharmacy, Century Gothic, CK Ali's Writing)

Note From Marnie
I find myself often orienting the paper the same as my photo, and then asking bottom, middle, or top. I read once that photos placed on the lower half are more seriously weighted, so I try to consider that before I commit to placing the photo on the bottom half! I should check to see if that is real or voodoo before I make it a rule, huh?

August Fun Fact
When I was little we grew corn and cucumbers on my grandparents' farm. August harvest early early mornings began in long pants, long sleeves, and jackets. But by noon, we were in shorts, tees and ready for a dip in the pond.