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Love the Blood | Jody Dent-Pruks

Love the Blood | Jody Dent-Pruks

11 x 8.5 | materials patterned paper (KI Memories) + font (American Typewriter)

A Note From Jody
This month’s challenge was to use 4 x 6 photos and we all know that we have plenty of those in our stash!

I had these photos of my son dressed up as Dexter Morgan for a Halloween party he was invited to. I have to say that he has a very convincing look on his face, which is a little disconcerting to his mama!

The photos are full size (as they should) and I broke away from my traditional white or kraft background to bring in “blood” red. I did not want the layout to look cutesy (he was 16) so I kept it simple with a coordinating patterned paper and I did not add any Halloween embellishments.

When I picked him up a midnight, minus the gloves and the knife (?) he assured me he had a great night and the costume was a hit.

August Fun Fact
Fun fact / humiliating fact – you be the judge. I have just discovered My Super Sweet Sixteen on DVD and I have become addicted/horrified as I watch, slack jawed at all the things that are so wrong about that show!