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Right Now But Also Always | Elizabeth Dillow

Right Now But Also Always | Elizabeth Dillow

12 x 12 digital | materials digital chalkboard paper (Danielle Thompson, Kitschy Digitals) + arrow (Paislee Press) + fonts (CK Neat Freak, David Walker Dingbats) + software (Pages for Mac)

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A Note From Elizabeth
I had a different inspiration picked out and then I happened to see the chalkboard letters piece as I was scanning through the WCS Tumblr archives... that's the beauty of inspiration: I threw out whatever other idea I was thinking about and worked on this one until I was done! It was a total experiment, but I love how it turned out.

October Fun Fact
We're moving this month. If you're counting, this will be our eighth address in 15 years! Luckily, it's only across town this time...