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Kindergarten Education | Amy Sorensen

Kindergarten Education | Amy Sorensen

12x12 | materials letter stickers (Jenni Bowlin) + brads (My Mind’s Eye) + pens (American Craft) + fonts (LDJ Thankful, !Sketchy)

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A Note From Amy
It’s strange, sometimes, how inspiration works. When I saw this wallpaper on the WCS Tumblr, I fell in love! It reminded me that I used to do hand-drawn frames all the time. Why did I ever stop? It also reminded me of this Billy Jader bookcase [], which I adore as well. If I had any space in my house for just one more bookcase, it would have been this one, which is covered with sprawling, hand-lettered-esque versions of Shakespeare’s sonnets. The two items worked together in my brain to produce my layout. I used a couple of hand-drawn fonts to illustrate some of the “Everything I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” essay (by Robert Fulgham), then had fun drawing the frames around all the page elements. One tip for hand-drawn frames: if you pull the pen toward you, rather than pushing it away as you draw, your line will be smoother. When you get to a corner, rotate your cardstock instead of changing pen directions to keep the line consistent, too.

One adjustment Kaleb’s had to make for kindergarten: daily homework. He’s not really certain he loves it, but is getting more cooperative. He has a handwriting sheet to work on all week plus there’s a daily math assignment. Within the first week of school, he’d mastered the art of pencil holding and all the little chants for writing letters his teacher taught him, like 5: downtown, around the town with a hat on top!