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Technology + Drive | Amy Sorensen

Technology + Drive | Amy Sorensen

12 x 12 | materials patterned paper (BasicGrey, My Mind's Eye, Simple Stories) + alphabet stickers (Basic Grey) + tag punch (EK Success) + Futura font

A Note from Amy
I very nearly deleted this photo. Like I wrote in the journaling, it's really not a very good picture. But I kept looking at it, and coming back to it, because of what I know about what's behind the image. What it says about Nathan at that exact moment of his life. Of course...without the words it would just be a really bad picture!

It’s pretty much a throw-away picture. The color’s off, and I shot it through the door so it’s blurry, and your forehead is overexposed and your right hand is only a smear of skin-colored blur. But I kept it because it tells a story, or at least the beginning of one. About how your dad works in the computer world and so sometimes he brings home cool things like ipads & Nexus tablets (would those be Nexi?) and once even a Kindle. It’s a story about what you like to Google on those little devices, and it’s probably not what anyone would guess: knife videos. Yep. Really. It’s also about how the word “butterfly”doesn’t mean “an insect with a long, thin body and colorful wings.”At least not at our house. And about the constant sound of flipping that comes from your room, clicking and clattering and then starting again. It’s about begging and cajoling for a trip to Blade HQ (we’ll go in the summer!). And it’s about how strange it is to son who has the sweetest heart is also a little bit obsessed with knives. It’s an old story—because even when you were just barely mobile, you’d always try to steal the knives out of the dishwasher. And this bad photo tells all of that without saying any of it, so I thought I’d better write it down: how technology and devices led to the videos that led to hours of practice (& not a few cuts) that led to you being able to flip a balisong like nobody’s business. Better than anyone you know!

February Fun Fact
Between both sides, we have NINE family birthdays in February. Toss in our anniversary (22nd this year), Valentine's Day, of course Groundhog Day (who could forget it?), and maybe a nice lunch out on President's Day and yeah: it's a lot of cards to remember!