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23 Years Later | Rebecca Cooper

23 Years Later | Rebecca Cooper

A Note from Rebecca
Two favorite photos—one of me as a child and one of Emily—both of us close to the same age being pushed in the wheel barrow by our Grandpa.

One day we were visiting at Grandma and Grandpa at the farm and as soon as I saw Grandpa McCance pushing you around in the wheelbarrow it instantly reminded me of a photo I’d seen of myself as a little girl and I had to run and grab my camera really quickly. I got this photo of you looking up so sweetly at Grandpa. And there’s the photo of me that I was thinking of. Me in the wheelbarrow looking up at my Grandpa Waugh with a big smile on my face and you doing the same. I saw how much fun you were
having getting a ride from Grandpa and I can only imagine that my little two year old self felt the same as you. It took some convincing to get you out of the wheelbarrow you were having so much fun. That photo of me was taken in October 1980 and 23 years later that photo was taken of you in October 2003. I find it fun to have these two photos of us at similar ages doing similar things. Both of us absolutely adoring our Grandpas. Same feelings. Same memories being created. Just 23 years difference, that’s all.