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Nothing Else Matters | Angie Lucas

Nothing Else Matters | Angie Lucas

8.5 x 11 | materials patterned paper (Bella Blvd., October Afternoon) + photo corners, phrase sticker (Bella Blvd.) + Century Gothic font

A Note from Angie
While browsing through my photo files, looking for that photo of Jeremy and Zach that appears on my other layout for this month, I noticed this shot of me and my new baby that I’d taken on my iPhone. I had been walking around with Keira all morning, and when I walked past my full-length bedroom mirror, I stopped in my tracks. This was a vision I’d dreamed of seeing for years, and now it was real. And she looked so very tiny nestled against my chest that I had to document the moment. While looking at the photo on my computer and reflecting on the experience, I remembered taking a similar photo in the same mirror over a year ago, so I hunted it down, made a quick page, and explored the differences between the photos in my journaling. I love how, coincidentally, Keira’s expression in the second photo kinda matches my expression in the first photo. Adorable!

November Fun Fact
I’ve always had quite a good memory, so my new “mommy brain” has been quite an adjustment for me! Since I rarely sleep for more than 3 hours at a stretch lately, my short-term memory is not what it once was. I find myself unable to recall simple words, like “toothpaste.” (“Sweetie, while you’re out, will you pick up a tube of…that stuff…you know…that you clean your teeth with?”)