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Then & Now | Paula Gilarde

Then & Now | Paula Gilarde

12x12 | materials Staple Its (Pattie Knox) + Stacked Color Photo Frames no. 1(Katie Pertiet) + Between the Lines Alphabet no. 3 (Katie Pertiet) + Rimmed Framers (Katie Pertiet) + Erskine Alphabet (Lynn Grieveson) + Top of the World kit (Lynn Grieveson) + Sidelined Paper Pack (Lynn Grieveson) + Tonals: Tourquoise (Jesse Edwards) + font (Luna)

A few things have changed since Kevin and I went to Santa's Village circa 1973 - the snowman's scarf is no longer striped and he's not wearing red earmuffs, but what hasn't changed is how much I loved the whole experience. I hope Molly and Tommy get to take their kids back to Santa's Village some day.